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The Problem with Technology 9. 29. 2013

While I can most assuredly say that I am an addict of the modern conveniences that come along with technology, I have also found one fatal flaw: THEY BREAK A LOT! Once again I’m dealing with having a, more than slightly, nonfunctioning phone which, to the delight of all my contacts, is repeatedly spamming text messages and then not allowing me to receive theirs. Ohhhhh, yeay. If the sarcasm dripping from my mouth (I guess in this case finger tips??) isn’t apparent then we have a problem. I’m sure you’re wondering why my phone would have caused the delay in my updates and, I suppose, it really had very little to do with that, but it is another case where technology seems to be forever against me. What has caused the delay is that while I was in San Francisco (which I can not wait to tell you all about! Squeee!) I had very little access to internet and upon my arrival home I found my place to just as barren in those terms. As is my life, a  whirlwind of, mostly fantastic but some not so much, occurrences hit me like the rapid firing of a gun. Anyhow, I’m back to a semi living state and will begin catching up on my posts shortly. This is my apology and my place holder for a regular post. Bare with me.

Now I’ve heard rumors that it’s International Coffee Day and, yet, I’ve been up for hours without a single drip … Peek further

Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair 9. 9. 2013

Despite all the crazy involving this trip I landed in the ever gorgeous San Francisco last night and was picked up by my friend, the talented artist Jakob Bunker. In true Mercy form, my first experience with the city was a rather unusual one. In order to get the Jakob’s casa we needed to board the Bart, which was not unlike most train/subway systems I’ve used until I reached the end. It turns out that in order to leave a Bart station one has to keep the ticket. Yeahhhhhh, I didn’t do that. When I tried to explain that I was a more than slightly lost tourist and my current predicament to one of the Bart workers he simply replied “Man… do what you gotta do man. Shit” in a rather blunt fashion to which I just stood there dumbfounded, completely unsure of what that actually meant. I’m sure my face was priceless because a local leaned over and whispered “He means to jump the gate” and at the point I think I replied with something along the lines of “no, no, no, no. This can’t be happening”. After much searching I finally found my damn ticket and was able to leave the Bart unscathed, but the thought of being stuck in this subway like system was at the forefront of mine. Welcome to San Francisco, Mercy. Get your shit together and do it quickly.

Before I get too far into San Francisco I want to send a … Peek further

Summer’s Last Stand Cut 8. 31. 2013

I’ve been struggling to keep up with life and work, so I’ve done a very good job at neglecting this portion of my life, but I in the spirit of this weekend I really wanted to update everyone on what’s going on.

Yesterday I performed for the first time at Summer’s Last Stand. Although the crowd was a bit thin I had a group of awesomely dedicated supporters who trouped it out even when my stage time changed and waited 5 hours for me to go one. You guys seriously rock! Although it was an awesome time nothing could have gotten done with out Chrisjen, who not only played stage hand but helped me through my preshow panics and was just overall awesome. I have so much love for that man. He’s truly, truly wonderful. Here’s what you missed if you weren’t able to make it.Summer's Last Stand 20 Summer's Last Stand 19 Summer's Last Stand 18 Summer's Last Stand 17 Summer's Last Stand 16 Summer's Last Stand 15 Summer's Last Stand 14 Summer's Last Stand 13 Summer's Last Stand 12Peek further

A Look into my Calendar 8. 22. 2013

Hello, loves.

In my last post I discussed how sick I had been getting and tried to explain why I was missing from the interwebs world. I don’t know that I did a very goo job conveying just how sick I was, but I can tell you that I’m still getting over it. While most of my symptoms have ebbed, I’m still battling one nasty cough and a serious drain of energy. Though there’s part of me that would really like to take an extended vacation from the internet and just lay in bed watching Supernatural (I just finished season 1 and I’m hooked! What’s your favorite episode?), it’s probably far past due that I get back to being regular on here. I haven’t been completely lazy. I’ve been plotting some pretty epic things in the very near future that I’m excited to finally spill the beans about, so if you haven’t been keeping a close eye on the calendar (did you know that you can import the calendar into your Google calendar and always keep up with what I have going on?!) here’s what I have coming up.

Summer’s Last Stand
Since my last post was pretty heavily about this I’ll be brief, but holy Hannah am I excited to share the stage with some of the amazing performers on this bill!

I know a lot of you were really looking forward to catching up with me at the Dirty Dash next weekend … Peek further

Pushing Past Being Sick 8. 15. 2013

For the last few days I have desperately tried to write a new post, starting with Spotlight Sunday. I’ve gone through several drafts and have scrapped all of them. I started feeling ill on Saturday evening but I chalked it up to over exertion and my body’s general unwillingness to function normally. As each day passed and I started feeling worse it became harder to write. I felt this overwhelming feeling that my next post had to be this great, epic creation because I had to makeup for lost time. That feeling topped with being sick and still having to get on with daily activities made it easy for me to put off writing until tomorrow because then I’d feel better and then I could write something really great. The truth of the matter is there’s no amazing, earth shattering post that will make you guys forget that I haven’t been on my A game lately and I had to take a step back, breathe and realize that it’s ok, it’s only a blog. That’s not to say that I don’t put a great deal of effort into what I put on here, I do! So this is me, pushing past being sick and writing some real even if it isn’t fantastic. While I cough like a 60 year old life time smoker and sip healing tea I thought I’d give you a look at what I have coming up.

Summer’s Last Stand

I’ll be performing the nights … Peek further

What Happens in Denver 8. 9. 2013

About this time last year I was dealing with some pretty major, life changing events and while 2012 was certainly one of the most amazing years I’ve ever experienced, it was also one of the most painful. Earlier in the year, after graduating from college finally, I left everything I had known for the past 3 years, house, loved ones, and even my bunny. I packed my things and went on, what could easily be called, the road trip of my life. I decided to chase my dreams and for a good bit subsisted solely off modeling, skipping from city to city and state to state. I was finally doing exactly what I had wanted to do for so long, but I saw a dark side to the life I had craved and it was one that I could never imaged would be waiting for me. My eyes were opened to parts of my industry that I loathed and it there were many a nights I spent crying myself to sleep, wondering if I had made the right decision. I was also starting to see the first signs of a sickness that would later threaten to take over my life, though I had no idea at the time.The blossoming romance I started on tour soured quickly and when I was left in Denver with no means to even make it back home not alone continue my tour I felt the last shred of strength in me leave. I was … Peek further

Spotlight Sunday 8. 6. 2013


Albuquerque Hotties

You may have noticed that it’s not exactly Sunday today. Unfortunately, my internet didn’t notice that and was out all day yesterday. I attempted to write this post from my phone and failed quite horribly, but they say things are better late than never so let’s get on to the good stuff!


Today’s Spotlight Sunday is dedicated to someone very special, Marco of Albuquerque Hotties. Not only is he one of my biggest and best supporters, but also someone I have the great pleasure of working with on a semi regular basis. Marco has been to a number of my shows, taken several photos of me and showcased my work on his page a number of times. Every milestone I’ve made in Albuquerque has been with his generous support and I’m so thankful to have him in my life.  He’s also written one of the sweetest things about me in my career:

“Another big thank you and congratulations to Mercy herself putting together a world class event right here in downtown Duke City. We are all fortunate to have such a wonderful, talented, and beautiful lady call this place home.” Albuquerque Hotties


When I first moved to Albuquerque from Los Angeles, it was a HUGE, life altering difference and it took a bit for me … Peek further

Who is Mercy? 8. 3. 2013

On 7.26.2013 I had one of the best Fridays I have ever had. My event “Who is Mercy?” ushered in my un-retirement and I was able to celebrate with some of my best friends and most amazing supporters. Although Albuquerque was hit with a bizarre flash hurricane many of you braved the over flooding streets, power outages, and disastrous wind. I won’t lie, when I saw that storm my heart broke. I thought I would be arriving to an empty bar, but I was so incredibly wrong and it brought me a kind of joy that I haven’t known in a long time. It was the kind of joy that the stage brings me and it’s the reason I’ve decided to return to this crazy showbiz life full time once again. With a packed bar and crowd cheers louder than the thunder outside I feel like I had one of the best shows of my career to date. There aren’t enough ways I can thank all of the people that made this lovely night happen or to show my gratitude to every single person who showed up despite the horrendous weather conditions but I hope that you all have, at least, a small idea of what it meant to me. For those of you who were unable to make it, you really missed out. Our performers were outstanding and our sponsors were top notch. You’ll be hearing about them more as the weeks continue. And though you’ll be able to … Peek further

Spotlight Sunday 7. 29. 2013


Hello, loves!

If you weren’t able to make it to “Who Is Mercy?” you may not know that I’ve decided to come out of retirement and start modeling & performing full time again! To celebrate this milestone in my life OhHaveMercy.com was created and launched the night of my “Who Is Mercy?” event. One of the most important elements of this website is this blog, “Ramblings of a Pretty Circus Lady…”, because I wanted to be able to share my stories and life with all of my amazing supporters, friends and colleagues. While I’m sure there will be many seemingly random posts floating about this site as it and I grow together, I really wanted to incorporate some more concrete ones that you can count on going up. Thus the Spotlight Sunday post for today!

Spotlight Sunday is a weekly post that will showcase the work of the amazing individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside with. My life wouldn’t be nearly as wonderful as it is without the incredibly talented people and enriching experiences in it. One of these experiences occurred this past Friday (7.26.2013). If that date looks familiar, it should! It was the date of Who Is Mercy?, an event involving burlesque dancers, amazing music, the opening of my newest act and the official launch party for this site & it was all held at the Blackbird Buvette! … Peek further

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